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Shoshin Ryu Seminar March 2012

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We are happy to announce that we will be offering a seminar on March 24-25 by Sensei Brian Combo. We are also very fortunate to have Sensei Stephen Coniaris at the dojo that same weekend.

ADULTS: The seminar will take place that Saturday and Sunday from 9am-1pm, then break for 2 hour lunch, and then back to training from 3pm-7pm. At that point we will finish up and meet somewhere for dinner each night. That’s 16 hours of training over the weekend! Cost for the seminar will be $100 for both days or $50 for one day. All aspects of the art will be touched on over the coarse of the weekend. It is such a great opportunity to have these guys here that we recommend committing as much time as you can to training that weekend.

KIDS: We will be having a special class Saturday morning that is open to ALL students in the kids class and is FREE to attend. The class will be from 9am-10am on Saturday morning (had to schedule a bit early in the day to leave time for the rest of the seminar). Again this is a FREE class that is open to all students in the kids class. We encourage all who can make it to attend.

Sensei Combo has an infectious personality and it should be a great time for all with lots of laughs and great training.
Combo Sensei is Senior Most Student (SMS) and a founding member of Shoshin Ryu. This means that he is the head of or president of our organization. Shoshin Ryu does not use terms like “Master”. No one person can know it all and we can all continue to learn and be students our whole lives. Hence the title SMS. Combo Sensei has an extensive background in Martial Arts and has a knack for elevating student’s level of training/understanding as well as keeping classes fun and exciting.

Coniaris Sensei is also a founding member of Shoshin Ryu and a very high level martial artist and teacher. He is currently an ER doctor who before deciding to attend medical school was a National level swim coach. He has a strong skill for teaching and bringing out the best in those he teaches.

We are very excited for this event and hope that you can make it! If you have any questions please feel free to email, call, or hit us up at the dojo.

2012 Yudansha Gasshuku

the dojo Boise Idaho attends Yudansha Gasshuku

Senseis from the dojo recently returned from a 4 day yudansha gasshuku at the permanent dojo in Scottsdale, AZ The first day was focused strictly on Iai from the Muso Jikiden Eishen Ryu system. We worked lots of Mae Kata and even learned some new kata, as well as trained up a 2 person bokken kata. Days 2, 3, and 4 were filled with a variety of training from the Shoshin Ryu curriculum. It is always humbling to see how broad our art is and how talented the people are. It was a great opportunity to share information and reconnect with friends from other parts of the country. Special thanks to Sensei Coniaris and his wife Donna for being such amazing hosts.

Yudansha Gasshuku Schedule 2012

Women’s Self Defense Class


The dojo held its first women’s self defense class on Saturday Jan 21st. It was an hour and half long and we had 9 women who participated. The class was well received and there was a Q&A session at the end where several questions were asked about different types of self defense scenarios.

The class was an hour and half long and covered the following:

The class started with a brisk warm up followed by a session of learning how to use your elbows and knees effectively.
The class worked bags to improve the focus and accuracy of their strikes.
Several techniques were taught on how to escape holds and grabs using classical jujitsu.
The women were shown how technique can overcome strength and that the primary goal is to escape and flee.
They were also allowed to go full speed with some of the takedowns using Zach, a brown belt in Shoshin Ryu. They took advantage of having someone who could take falls at full speed to practice with and see how the techniques feel when applied with speed and power.

Overall, a great success, the ladies walked out with a new understanding of what one can do if faced with an assault. The dojo will be offering more if these free classes from time to time as well as some more in-depth classes that span 4 sessions for more drilling and engraining of the information.