Beginners Kids

the dojo beginners class

The Beginners Kids class is an introduction level class for kids ages 6 and up. The focus of this class is on learning basic falling and rolling skills, basic strikes/blocks/kicks, some throws and self defense techniques and concepts. This class helps acclimate kids to the general flow and structure of our classes.

Intermediate Kids


Our Intermediate Kids class is for students that hold a rank of orange belt or above. Students should have a basic understanding of certain principles and techniques. The class tends to be higher paced with the expectation being that students train up to the level of the class.


the dojo juniors

The Shoshin Ryu Jr’s class is designed to acclimate the young student to the dojo while teaching the expectations and etiquette involved in participating in a martial art. Emphasis is placed on understanding and following basic commands and safety practices. Students also learn basic movements and tumbling drills to help them gain better balance, agility and flexibility.

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